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Performance Marketing

GoSocial is one of the few companies in the online marketing industry with the experience and know-how that enable us to offer our clients a 100% pay for performance marketing model, meaning that our clients only pay for each accepted lead, customer or sale, we make for them.

Every day we deliver thousands of orders and new customers to our clients within the following industries: health, fitness, insurance, finance, telecommunication, software, gaming, gambling and other industries.

We have delivered millions of unique and relevant customers to our clients in more than 30 countries.

Media-buy at our risk

We will purchase relevant and targeted traffic from social media, search engines, newspapers, portals and other relevant online traffic channels at our own risk and cost.

Every month we spend millions buying advertising online. Last year we were the largest advertiser with Facebook in Europe in Q1 and Q2. The economies of scale in our advertising enable us to achieve discounts and other major advantages with Facebook, Google and other large traffic sources in Europe and North America. 

We maintain a high level of quality by only using direct traffic sources, we don't use third party traffic sources such as affiliates or affiliate networks. 

GoSocial will increase your sales and profits

Every day our skilled and experienced team of conversion experts develops new sales pages and optimizes hundreds of landing-pages for clients. It's called conversion optimization and ensures the best results from the purchased traffic in terms of leads and orders.

To continuously increase the conversion rate we develop a series of sales and landing-pages per marketing campaign to precisely target your specific marketing message towards the right customer.

Quality in the leads and orders are ensured

The leads and orders are gathered in GoSocial Lead Manager, where they are automatically screened, refined and validated. We have the option of validating the address or doing a credit check etc. throughout all of Europe. Furthermore, we reject duplicate orders, unwanted customers and offer a wide range of filtering in order to ensure maximum quality in the leads and orders.

Valid and relevant leads and orders are either sent directly into our clients CRM systems in the specified format, or saved in our database and automatically e-mail in the specified format to the clients organization.

Our clients can follow the orders in real-time in GoSocial Lead Manager through a web browser or our iPhone application.

What clients are we looking for?

We are looking for clients with attractive products in Europe and North America that can be ordered through a landing page, which GoSocialĀ“s team of experts can create and optimize.

In order to make it worth our time and investment, you must be able to handle thousands of sales per month.

Please give us a call on (+45) 69 60 67 00 or contact us by e-mail.